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Rewarding ride!!!

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Headed out back to make a 40 mile loop last weekend with a friend, started to get on the wheeler trail, noticed an unopened can of budweiser, kept riding, (I wasn't going to stop for one can of bud) came across four more all together. So I stopped, moved them out of the way so I could get them on the way back. Did the loop, grabbed the three beers plus the other single, started heading back to the house, now my buddy stops. Found three more beers, plus two more on the way out. One was already punctured, my friend dropped one and popped it, leaving a total of seven beers! :eek: We stuffed them into our pockets and headed back to my place, they were still coldish! I don't buy canned bud, but I will drink it!


I am sure that somewhere in Sumner Me. a quad rider is looking for his beer!

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