The Myth of the IMS / ZipTy tank.

The Myth of the IMS / ZipTy tank.

I'm wanting to get a IMS tank to suit a WR250F 2004. After searching the forums there seems to be a lot of different opinions on them. It seems from the search that people with WR450F 2005 models have had the most problems of fuel lines being to close to the header and the tank rubbing on the engine. There are a lot of different treads about these tanks but no real answer. The 2005 models are meant to of been lowered slightly. I heard that the frame was lowered at the headstock. Could this be causing the problem cause the frame is more compact or did they reduce the ground clearance as well?

I know that IMS makes the ZipTy tanks but are they the same apart from the having the option of a right side petcock? Also is the tank for the WRF and YZF the same with just a moveable front mounting lug for the different seats.

When you look at the picture's on the IMS website the tank for the WRF has a lot more clearance above the header than the YZF. Also the kickstart fits better into the tank on the WRF. I think the the photo of the WRF is a 250 and the YZF is a 450 and that makes the difference.

Sorry about all the questions but im looking to buy 3 tanks to import to Australia so I just want to know if there is really only 1 model of IMS tank or more.

I have a Zip Ty 3.3 gallon tank on my '03 WR 450. The right side fuel line is pretty close to the header, especially now that I got a FMF Powerbomb header. I wrapped the gas line in heat reflective tape to prevent any melting of the line. It has worked fine so far. I don't know about any motor issues with the tank. I have questioned if the motor is running hotter with that big tank covering so much of the head. Don't know. I definitely like the bigger capacity though.

I got rid of my 04 wrf 450 IMS/ZIP Ty Tank (same tank) only diff is right side petcock comes on the Zip Ty Tank. Here are a few reasons I deceided to get rid of the tank after 2 rides.

1. the Zip Ty right side petcock, screws into the tank, i.e. the petcock is like a bolt and threads into the tank. Stock petcocks has 2 screws on either side of the petcock to hold it in place. The Zip Ty petcock could get hit in a crash and come loose/unscrew. It came/needed tons of teflon tape on the threads to keep it from leaking. It seemed like the teflon tape was disolving in the gas. When fully tight the petcock was not straight, meaning it was turned out, think of 12 oclock as in line with the bike and wheels, mine at full tight was 10:30 so the hose end of the petcock was sticking out towards my leg, again it could get hit and loosen, splashing gas onto the header 1" away.

2. When riding in 75 degree weather I noticed the tank was bulging out near where the lower shroud mounted, near my leg, the bulge caused the shroud to stick out enough so the mounting wasnt flush. This is the part right over the header.

3. the tank rubs on the head, enough to take off some metal. I think in the end the tank would rub thru (the plastic). Plus the tank felt thinner than the tank I have on my 2000 wr

Over all I just felt the tank wasnt up to spec on the fit, it shouldnt rub on anything. The Zip Ty petcock is too close to the header (yes I ran heat tape etc) and was poorly designed and could cause a fire in my opinion.

The slimness of the tank was very good for riding. The only plus.

I expect a tank to last years, and if it rubs from day one and has a leaky petcock 1" from the header, the chances of a problem are high, be it a fire which could be very serious, or just perhaps a small leak from the engine head rubbing thru 2 years from now. Either is not acceptable.

I am now running the stocker until I get one from another vendor.

good luck

well I have been ruining the IMS tank on my 05 wr450 since February with about 1500 miles on it and to the day I have had no problems wether it be rubbing or leaking now I agree that the cross over line is way to close to the header but all in all it rides way better than the Clark and thats my 2$

So it sounds as the standard IMS tank right side fuel pickup is better than the Zipty. If you are prepared to tip the bike over to get all the fuel from the right side!

So it sounds as the standard IMS tank right side fuel pickup is better than the Zipty. If you are prepared to tip the bike over to get all the fuel from the right side!

I have an IMS 4 gallon jug on my 99 WR and have no leaking or clearance problems. It only has one petcock on the left hand side but I've never had a problem with fuel getting trapped in the right side, even though it hangs quite low.

Whenever you accelerate, climb a hill or wheelie, fuel sloshes to the back of the tank where it can cross over from side to side. Unless you run low on fuel when you're putting along a smooth trail, both sides empty.

I've been running the IMS/ZipTy 3.3 (3.1 actual) tank on my 03 WR450 for a year and a half. I've never had a problem with the fuel lines being too close to the header BUT it's severely wearing down the valve cover on both sides. It also forced the foam from my seat to squish out to the sides and I have since worn out my seat cover. And while I'm on my soap box :applause: it also hangs down two inches too far on the left side (below the inlet to the carb) and that's just extra fuel that will never get used.

Fit and finish of the IMS tank SUCKS, period.

it also hangs down two inches too far on the left side (below the inlet to the carb) and that's just extra fuel that will never get used.

DD, do you actually run out of gas with fuel trapped in the lower part of the tank? Mine hangs lower on the right side but both sides seem to run out evenly.

DD, do you actually run out of gas with fuel trapped in the lower part of the tank?

The newer version of the IMS/ZipTy Racing tank has a return hose on the right side to help the right side of the tank drain completely (which it does.) What I think is dumb is the left side of the tank drops two inches below the fuel inlet on the carb. When the level in the tank reaches the level in the carb the fuel stops flowing because the level has equalized.

I've never run out, but it was running on fumes (and began to stutter just as I reached the truck) after a 104 mile ride and it still had two inches of fuel in the left side. ZipTy says it's a 3.3 gallon tank, but realistically, it's only 3.1 which is what IMS claims.

I had an IMS tank and I hated it. It rubbed on the cam cover and on the engine. When doing maintenance, like checking the valves, it always seemed to take an extra 10 minutes or more to drain the tank so that you could disconnect the crossover tube and not spill any gas. Then, as someone has already mentioned, the petcock is lower than the inlet to the carb. I DNF'd a desert race because of this. (HINT: Pressurize your gas tank by blowing into the gas cap vent tube and you'll be able to retrieve all the gas. You'll need a one-way valve installed in the vent tube. Of course, I only found this out after the race :D. Plus, it may be a little embarassing if you're pulled over on the side of the race course blowing up your bike.:D ) I've since switched to a Clarke tank and I'm much happier with it. It's not much larger than stock, but at least it isnt wearing anything on the engine and removing the tank is much less labor intensive.

I still have the IMS tank if anyone wants to buy it.

I agree with Dave and Joe.... On my 03 the tank rubbed the valve cover badly. The carb inlet is higher than the petcock on the right side, if you have a blue IMS tank you'd never know that you still have a quart or so of gas when you run out because you can't see the gas through the tank, but it's there, you have to tip your bike over to the right side to get to the gas. I've never had a problem with the fuel lines on the tank, but the right side petcock that the tank came with is a self tapping elbow that leaked on mine. I've always been a fan of IMS products, they're good people that make great products however I think they could have done a better job on the YZ/WRF tank. In my opinion the only way to go is the Acerbis tank with its modular screw cap system and quality petcocks, it's slim and fits well.

I'm with Dan. I've had the Acerbis tank on my '04 for two years and have had zero issues.


I must agree on the acerbis tank...the design is excellent.... :D:D

Trying to eliminate a little bit of confusion that might exist with the two models IMS vs Ty Davis.

I know for sure that the IMS model for WR/YZ 400 and 426 was different from the Zip Ty model also built by IMS.

I bought both and compared them and finally decided to keep the Zip Ty for my 426.

That said, I think that, since 2003, there is no two different models anymore and the only one available from IMS is the one that Ty races with.

Somebody can confirm that?

You are corect on the older models. I have IMS TY Davis (desert tank) model in the garage and a IMS 3.3 gal. model on my 01'. When using the stock Yamaha petcock (left side) on the IMS tank (right hand side) it is backwards and directs the fuel line towards the header Just as you guys have mentioned. I have had automotive fuel line on for about two years but want to find a reverse petcock to make things right. The way it is now just doesnt make sense and is a poor design. I have not been able to find a universal petcock with the correct hole pattern. I wonder if other brands of bikes have the stock petcock on the right? Maybe somthing off a street bike would work?

I E-mailed IMS to see if they have any suggestions. I'm sure they have had these questions before, hopefully they can direct me towards an aftermarket petcock that will correct this.

Found one at dennis kirk. Pingel power flo dirt valve, Kirk p.n. 181569 $62.99

I will keep looking. wanted to add this post for future use by others. If I find anything else I will post in a new thread.

A friend of mine, a very accomplished and well known rider in So Calif, was riding near La Ponderosa in Baja Caifornia in June of this year. He had a 2005 WR450F. IMS tank let go near or at the right-hand fuel line and tank juncture. My friend and his riding buddies were unable to save the bike --- it burned to a pile of twisted/melted metal. Took several hours to extinguish the resulting brush fire. Not a good day on the trail. I own an Acerbis tank. I've looked at the IMS tank. I in my admittedly non-professional opinion, it is not if but when your bike goes up in smoke if you put one on your bike. :D

I have not looked at the newer models, mine is an 01' and is the 3.3 gal model, no issues. The IMS ty davis model had some header issues and clearance problems.

I ride with a Clarke. Clarke goooooood. :D

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