2 questions '00 WR400

Went riding this weekend (1st time on bike) and bike ran good.

1. During the ride when I would come to a stop and hold the clutch in the bike would maintain a high RPM and then 10-20 later it would drop down to the normal idle. Any ideas what is causing this?

2. My rear brake line burst/split and I found out while on a very steep hill that I had no rear brake. Does anyone know where I can get a steel braded line? Is this something I can get at a dealer?


My 450 does the same thing with the high idle, I haven`t gotten into the problem yet but I figure it is running lean. Mine will hold the idle so high that it seems like the throttle is stuck............. my results of this high idle/stuck throttle was a flip over going up hill. Broken rear fender and a bruised forearm!!!

Try turning out your piolet air screw! Mine is out 2.5 turns with the FMF Q pipe. I had the high idle untill I did that.

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