Need help identifying a part...

Hi All,

Just purchased a YZ426 '01 model and am replacing parts that need to be replaced. I have noticed that the pipe that splits between the 2 radiators is a bit bent/dented. I was hoping that someone here could tell me what its called and if possible where I can get it from. There is a local Yamaha dealer up my road who could order it for me but I was hoping that there may be a cheaper place to get it online.

I have attached a pic from the manual of what I am talking about if that helps... its part number (3) in the left pic and (8) in the right.

Thanks for your help.


Image from the manual

It's called a "Pipe", according to Yamaha.

It's part number 5BE-12482-00-00.

I purchase a lot of parts through on-line OEM dealers, mostly since the price is much lower than the local guys and I get it shipped to me. Just do a search on "Yamaha" and "OEM".

ThumperTalk also has an OEM parts section which I have never ordered from, but I can tell you that their pricing is very very good. Not the most complete listing and interface, but you can still get the job done when youu do your homework.

Consider an on-line dealer that is closet to your location, unless you have time to spare.


Great thanks a mill Dave, a part number too, the local Yammie dealer is going to love that :applause:

In the future, you can use the original parts fiche guys at the following link.

And just about any dealer will order and ship to you. Your task then becomes finding the right price.

Thanks again Dave, thats an awsome site... can find every part and part number makes ordering genuine Yamaha parts a sinch.



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