Electronic hour meter (Maintenance Intervals?)

I just installed a new electronic hour meter on my bike. It is much like the ones sold by DR. D. and others. It is a pretty slick little unit and I picked it up for quite cheap at a Industrial/small engine shop. It is sold by Briggs & Stratton and I paid $16.99 Can for it. It works by wrapping a wire around the coil wire and it runs when it picks up the magnetic field. It seemed like a good deal to me as I have seen other brands of these meters for bikes that sell for $35 to $45 USD and they are pretty much identical except for the logo.

Anyway, the big question I have is how many hours should I use for my engine oil maintenace? I usually change my oil at about 500Km with synthetic but I am not sure what that works out to for hours.I generally just ride medium to hard core trails at an expert level, no racing. The meter has a reminder at 25hr increments so I figured that might be close but maybe on the long side of things. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

I'd recomend 10 hours or less for oil change.

I'd recomend 10 hours or less for oil change.

WR 450. I was told by my local dealer that it was 5-6 hrs between oil changes if trail ridden, less hours if workeded hard or raced. I changed mine after 8 hrs (only 2 looooooooong trail rides) and visually I would say that it was definitely due for new oil.

I dunno if there is such a thing as over kill but I plan to change mine as often as possible-oil is pretty dam cheap really and if it extends my bike life even a little it will be worth it. Remeber the bike only uses a litre of oil to lube everything!!

i agree with hamish, i bought the dr.d unit ant i'm changing oil and filter every 10hrs, the manual say to change it every 1000ks but thats possibly the worst idea i've ever heard or maybe i have too much mechanical sympathy

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