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rode the Leetsville trail with the GF (her 4th time on the bike ever) and i have one word to say... "SAND"! it was dry and sandy and plenty dusty. my Moose Racing jersey was orange and brown, not orange and white. the only way i could make it through the sand was in third, just below mid throttle, down to second for the turns, and back up. it was a little unnerving in the section that had 3 foot tall, 2/12" diameter broken saplings lining the trail. no chesty=punctured SOMETHING or other. no worries, no falls.

other than the sand it was fun but fast, and at 25 miles it was a little too quick

would have to ride it twice to feel like a good ride. did on the old DR350, no rim locks, 15 front, 18 rear, just for excitement. (and the fact that i have had TWO valve stem rips in the last week.)

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