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96 CR250R fork seal question

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My son has a 96 CR250R and the front fork seals have started leaking. I was wondering if those forks are hard to pull apart to rebuild. I have rebuilt older non USD forks before and have no shop manual for this bike. I have a manual for my 03 CRF450R which shows how in pretty good detail but those are dual chamber forks and I wasn't sure if the 96 year were similar.

Any input/directions on how to disassemble them would be greatly appreciated.

Also how much fork oil do they take?



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I took mine apart on my 96 cr250 and changed the oil and seals. I had a race-tech video which was very helpful. It was messy and took a long time. From now on I will probably just hire it out.

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1. Turn compression clicker all the way in

2. Loosen top triple clamp bolts

3. Loosen top of fork

4. remove fork from bike

5. Take off fork cap

I can’t remember if you have to use 2 wrenches to do this or not.

6. Remove dust seal

7. Remove clip between dust seal and fork seal

8. Pull slider tub from top fork tube(may have to pull really hard)

9. Seal should be on the slider tube and can be easily removed

10. Probably should change the bushing at the same time

11. Clean everything really good with cleaner or soap and water

12. Dry off or let sit for until completely dry


**For installation, if you don’t have a fork seal driver(search for on moto sites or google to see a pic), you can fabricate one with PVC. Just look at pic and use your imagination.

1. Take a piece of plastic wrap and put over the top of the slider tube(used so you don’t damage fork seal when installing.

2. Put the dust seal on slider tube first

3. next the clip

4. Lightly oil the new fork seal

5. Now carefully put the fork seal over the plastic down the slider tube

6. put new bushing on slider tube

7. carefully insert slider tube into top tube and use seal driver to push/pound the bushing down into place.

8. use seal driver to pound in new fork seal

9. install clip

10. Push down new dust cap

11. Put the required amount of oil in

12. reinstall the spring

13. put top on

14. back on bike

15. complete tightening top of fork

16. tighten top triple clamps.

This isn’t totally complete, but I am going from memory.

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Sounds like it's do-able, Does anybody happen to know what the fork oil capacities are?

Thanks for the input!


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