426 4th Gear Slips

4th gear is slipping. I have a 2002 426. Any ideas. All other gears work fine.

What do I need to do...

I have a 2001 426 and have been noticing a lot of metal fillings in my oil filter. I spoke to a mechanic today at my local motorbike shop and he said that it is common for the 426's to damage 5th gear and this is likely to be creating the metal fillings. He said when you have damaged a gear it will feel like the clutch is slipping when in that gear.

If I was you I would check my oil filter for metal fillings and most probably split the case to inspect the gears. I know it's a painful or expensive job but it is best to fix the problem before it gets worse.

I used to have an IT250 that had gearbox problems and I just ignored it. Eventually I lost 2nd gear completely and some teeth broke off and went through the whole gearbox and destroyed every gear.

It will be a lot cheaper to fix the problem now before it becomes catastrophic.

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