Tusk Footpegs...?

Anyone try the Rocky Mountain MC Tusk Footpegs yet..?..$59.99 for the Stainless Set...




I have them and They are great. SO much more comfortable than the stock pegs! Mounted right up. Not flimsy at all.

Plus about 30-40$ less than other pegs I looked at .

Excellent!...Thanks for the input...!

I saw them and they look very solid. I would either get them or the Moose ones since they are both about the same price and quality. Cheaper than the IMS ones. Check E-bay often to get a good deal as well :applause:

I've been looking at those pegs, too. I think I am going in that direction. I'll be honest... I am using the Tusk T-7 Aluminum bars. I got them when my stockers bend immediately (like I knew they would). The price was reduculous, like $23, and they are holding up great. I can't tell the difference from Renthals I've used in the past. So far, I gotta love Tusk and RMMC. Good stuff cheap!

$30 cheaper than the competitors, why not try them out?

I have the 2005 rocky mountain atv-mc and all that I can find in it is IMS foot pegs what is the part # for the tusk pegs? I just tried to order IMS super stock pegs from Rocky mountain just two days ago but they are out of them ,Mabe I would get Lucky and they will have the tusk pegs in stock.

Hit the website...They were shown on the RMMC Homepage...but here is the link to the footpegs...RMMC Tusk Pegs

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