Tusk Footpegs...?

Anyone try the Rocky Mountain MC Tusk Footpegs yet..?..$59.99 for the Stainless Set...




Not specifically the pegs, but a number of guys in our group have used the Tusk products with great results.

You just aren't paying for the contracts of riders they pay to use their stuff or for their name. :applause:


Like SC_Spode said, I haven't tried the pegs specifically, but I've had good luck with the Tusk sprockets and tools I've bought. They seems to have decent stuff from what I've seen so far. If you aren't stuck on name brands, I wouldn't hesitate to try their products.

Tusk has been good with everything except clutch kits. Worst clutch ever. Slipped and got hot after only 15 mins of riding.

I'm curious as to whether or not the footpegs have a lowboy option??!!

Thanks for the input...Great to hear the info on the Tusk line...Thanks again!

Ya, I think tusk is good quality stuff (just not-name brand) except there handlebars (kid bent them all over on first easy layover).

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