Something Was Leaking

So I rode my 650R this weekend up in Pismo Beach for the first time since breaking my scapula back in March. While taking a brief rest about 30 minutes into the first ride of the day, I noticed white smoke coming from the bottom right side of the crankcase. I looked down further and noticed coolant dripping from a hose, then I glanced to my left and noticed fluid in the catch tank boiling like crazy (it was about 1/2 full). I killed the motor and let it sit for a few minutes, fired it up, and was on my way. I was riding sand dunes, so the RPM's were a bit on the high side, but nothing out of the norm, and I did take it easy after that (not getting out of 3rd gear), and fortunately, it didn't happen again. This has never happened before to me on my bike. I've ridden it in 120 degree heat and never had a problem. What do you all think it could have been? All of my fluid levels were good to go. :applause:

Did ya see where the coolant was coming from, loose clamp, :applause:

Maybe the thermostat stuck for a bit......

Two weeks ago I was riding up a sandwash thats ver loose, it was hot (over 110F). When I stop to wait for my buddies, the catch tank was boiling, no leaks though. So I fire her up again and cruise a little down the wash on a high gear to let her cool; then off again with no boiling. My friend catchme there and his bike (XR400) was also hot, you could smell it. And Another frind on a Raptor with boiling situation. Therfore we decided to head back, get of the sand and ride on a harder terrain. No overheating problems after that.

I got me a bottle of water wetter and mix as recomended, I haven't had any boil over situation, but then again I havent been up that sandwash...

Personally I wouldn't shut the bike if ther is boiling situation, because then your a shutting down the water pump and the bike will get hotter. I'll try to cool her down with the engine on, a short low rev ride (if possible) will do the trick

iestrada is exactly right, dont shut down try to get moving with lower rpm's.

sand, especially dunes, will heat a bike up real fast!!! you are reving high spinning the tire and not really going that fast.

i've been wanting to try that water wetter but just dont have boiling problems, mostly cuz of the riding here in low-cal/baja.

Well i live in Mexicali, Baja. And that sandwash is inside the sierra cucapah. If you have been in Mexicale you'll know is pretty dry and hot . I only have ha dboiling once before, last month in Santa Veronica, you know the tight stuff. LAst sunday i was riding a single track ne to me between Hanson lake and Aserradero, and ther was no overheating problem, it was not as tight or hot as Sta Veronica though. If WW is mixed as indicated you will use only about 10 caps, I'm tempted to get ditilled water, it is supposed to work a lot better.

i dont understand. you are not using distilled??? you really need to so as to avoid mineral depsits in the coolant passages.

And yeah i kinda know those areas, well pretty well for a gabacho from the beach:D, and cucapa has those real deep uphill sandwashes that suck gas adn the life right out of your bike!!! some hard stuff to ride in.

Single track between laguna h and asseradero??? Wanna ride sometime?


Nope, I'm using honda coolant + WW. And like that i'm supposed to get the same temp than distilled alone. Now distilled + WW is supposed to drop the temp 20 degrees vs distilled alone. Isn't supposed that honda coolant or evans avoid those mineral deposits?

That would be cool, right now I'm "teaching" my buddy (the one of the XR400) so we move a little slow, for instance last sunday we made a little over 2 hours from rumorosa to Laguna Hanson on a 52 mile trail with acouple of rest stops and wipeoputs... So if you don't have a problem with going slow... any way my frien is getting faster every day

If you are interested PM me or send me an email (, and I can tell you how to get to this single track,is pretty easy, next to the main road. I was told taht it gets all the way to Rancho de Molina, never been there though.

PS Sorry for kind of hijaking the thread, well it talks a little of overheating...

Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll take a look into that Water Wetter stuff. I do a lot of my riding in the Joshua Tree/Yucca Valley/29 Palms areas with temps well above 100 degrees at times. I'm sure it's something my bike would appreciate.

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