Normal to feel a lot of heet from pipe??

I still only have about 65 miles on my 05 WR450 but I notice quite a bit of heat on my right leg from the pipe. Especially while just putting around like yesterday while it was 90 degrees I took it out around the house and was looking for the dog....going kind of slow. Seems a little too hot if you ask me.

The head pipe puts off a lot of heat. You notice it while going slower because there is no wind-cooling effect, on you or the pipe. Just start it up at night and watch it glow!

Normal! I burn through pants, boots, buckles and clips etc and anything else that touches my header even for a split second. :applause: The headers run very hot. :eek:

Yep very normal.

I relly notice it when riding around town with short boots on.

I don't notice it quite as much when riding offroad with all my gear.

Thanks guys! Bike seems to run real good otherwise. Oh I also found out that right after riding the bike, if you start to tinker in the garage and place the back of two fingers against the header it will burn the skin right off. :applause:

I found the stock mixtures really lean at low to mid throttle and rich at full throttle. Since putting in a bigger pilot jet and a needle which runs richer at mid throttle the pipe is a lot cooler. It's a titanium pipe so is very thin and won't insulate the heat like a steel one so it heats up much faster and the heat travels right through it.


yep, them header do get pretty warm, especially without the cooling effect of high speed.

This happened whilst rounding up the cows at a farm. Lost the front on a small log hidden under long grass. I had the weight of the bike on my leg, was pretty painful that night :applause: Thats what you get for riding in shorts. I didnt have a header guard at that stage either.

thats about what mine looked like after i wrecked on a night ride in glamis wearing shorts

:applause: hurt like a bitch for a week..

ouch. been there.

Regarding hot headers on a WR450f. I acquired a roll of header wrap from Baja Designs. One roll is sufficient for the job. A problem with the asbestos or ceramic wrap is it's tendency to unravel and separate due to abrasion. Rocks, bushes, for me....bamboo thorns around 4 inches long just shred the header tape if unprotected. Multiple washings with a power sprayer will also undo your nice header wrap job.

To solve this I found some kevlar fabric and cut it into strips 8 cm wide using tin shears. (scissors will self destruct on kevlar) I added the kevlar as an outside, second protective layer. The kevlar is impervious to the heat of the header. The only downside is that kevlar is yellow.

After wrapping both the header, and the pipe connecting the muffler separately, I used stainless steel safety wire to wrap the covering to keep it on and protect it from abuse.


1. Heat issues are resolved, can ride with shorts to the market and keep ALL the hair on my leg. Even in slow going riding in the jungle, heat is not enough at leg area to burn pants etc. Very pleased.

2. Wrapping system has survived 6 months of jungle excursions and washings with no sign of depreciation. Kevlar washes well with no ravelling. Even the bamboo briers can't get through the kevlar. Hi tech and a touch of cool.

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