need advise to buy ( kawasaki kx250 97 or wr400 2000)

i don't have much options with used off road two wheels bike ( they aren't used that much in my country)

i found two bike

kx 250 - 97 = 1000$ ( two stroke engine)

wr400 - 2000 = 2000$

for Kawasaki there aren't spare parts for it in my country ( thats makes it cheap) i have to go abroad

for yamaha there are plenty of spear parts

if you were me what to choose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the wr will last longer and will work better in the open terrain. you can hold it at the same rpm for a long time. 2 stokes don't like that so much......

WR400 for sure if i was out there.

Of course it depends on what condition both bikes are in but if they are both in good shape, I'd recommend the WR.

thank you very much

i think i will go for the wr400

I have a friend that just turned over 10K on his WR400 and all he has done is general maintenance. I hope I get that kind of mileage out of my 426! No problems yet! go with the Yamaha. :applause:

Without a doubt the KX would make the better bike for Motocross riding/racing but I think you'll find you can do more with an offroad bike like the WR.. XR400 are good bikes too and should be easy to find parts. Good luck

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