New guy with problems and Qustions

First ive been trolling the site for some time, just never posted great site. Now i took the first real crash on the 426 (00), so my question is. My sub frame broke in two, right where it connects on the lower right side, An afermarket sub frame is 170 has any one bought on of these? Or should I buy a stock on from the dealer or where ever? I dont want to weld it so that is not an option. I also need a new can, My white Bros E series is toast. I got a line on a FMF can will it bolt up to the white bros piping? I just need to swap cans.

If anyone has an excel gold front rim that they need to sell let me know, if not I'm going to have two different colored rims. And i need a new rear tire poped mine in the crash. And levers and fenders front and rear. Thanks for the help guys.

check ebay for subframe and can if not go to has good prices on oem stuff as well.try a maxxis it tire for the rear-cheapest at rockymountain-get the levers and fenders from rock mountain as well

Thanks for the site i'll chek it out. But has anyone used an aftermarket subframe or would u not suggest it and stick with oem?

If the tread is still good on the tire you could just replace the tube.

Yea i need to get a new tire anyway, about half gone. That is what my bike will look like minus those graphics. :applause:

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