trick dual sport

just wanted to say thanks to dale at trick ds. what a great guy. i almost went with the baja designs and i am so glad i didn't. dales kit is so easy to put on and everything is tucked away. cant say enough about him and his product. i am glad i listened to all of you who said trick was the only way to go!!! i highly recommend it!

just got mine... haven't installed yet but the pre-sale support was awesome. I am waiting on some flush mount turn signals for the rear and I am ready to go.... next will do my wife's ttr... soon as I get my stator...

Thanks from me too Dale!

Moach1 What did you dual sport??

I am glad you went with Trick Dual Sport! :eek: Dale is awesome and his products are first class. :applause: The fact is you can do a search and find many negatives with the Baja Designs products. :) I dont have to spank them anymore when their name comes up. :p

Moach1 What did you dual sport??

05 wr 450

Are you able to get ca plated?

i hope so. i called dmv 4 different times so i would talk to different people and they all said the same thing. all they really look at is if the vin eight digit is a c or 3( or whatever it is) they all said to have a peace officer fill out a brake and light certificate and a chp officer fill out a statement of facts. then they said bring those to any dmv with the title and they will plate me! i asked about proof of insurance and they said it would be a good idea, however it didn't state it. one girl even asked a supervisor. so who really knows. i will let you know if it happens. the good thing is my wifes best friends hubby is a chp officer and my bro in law is a sheriff, so the paper work is no problem. i will be going to the dmv next week. i will keep you posted.

Sounds like you might be in! Good luck and let us know how it turns out :applause:


Have any Pictures of your bike with the kit installed. I just plated my 05 wr450 and need to get a kit installed. :applause:

i ordered some flush mount blinkers for the rear fender. i will post some as soon as they come in. there are pics at the wr set up looks like the yz.

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