Rotella T synthetic formula change

I was in Wally world ready to purchase more Rotella t synthetic and I notice that CI4+ located on the bottom where "energy conserving" normally is. Will this new formula still be compatible with wet clutches?

The new Delo 400 synthetic had a similar upgrade change done. We made some calls to Chevron and their tech people said it was the good "Moly" that would not be absorbed into our fiber plates. So I have been running the new Delo 400 15W40 for the last 30 oil changes without any issues. :eek: Love the price of diesel oils! :) The new Shell Rotella should be the same. :applause:

Good Golly Miss Moly!

I didn't know there was a good Molybdenum Disulfide and bad Molybdenum Disulfide?

Delo 400 15/40 is a petroleum based diesel oil primarily.

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