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Official Roll Call – 2nd Annual Hillbilly Trail Ride at Hatfield~McCoy Trail System

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HOWDEEEEE all my Hillbilly Trail Riding, mud slinging, mountain climbing ThumperTalk buddies.

The World Famous 2nd Annual TT Hillbilly Trail Ride approaches and I need to get a handle on who’s coming and where you’re staying.

For all those who are attending please send me a PM (private message) stating the following information.

ThumperTalk username

Real name

How many are coming with you

Where you’re staying

Are you coming to the Thursday cookout at the Bear Wallow Trailhead?

Are you riding both Fri and Sat?

I’m staying at the Best Western Logan Inn, if you’re not staying at the Best Western Logan Inn please include a cell phone number if available and I’ll keep you informed of any schedule tweaks that occur.

I will post a list of all who’s attending so everyone can have an idea who going to be with us. This will be posted around the 23rd to 25th .

I would like to encourage all riders to try and make the Thursday afternoon/evening cookout. Remember, what ever you want to eat you bring. We are not allowed to have an open fire, so everyone needs to bring their own cooker. Pick-up some hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, steak, whatever you want and wash those bikes. This will be a great time to meet each other, look at some bikes and finalize our ride times and such.

Last year was an absolute blast, this year is going to be even better. Prepare to experience the finest trails this side of the Mississip and the resulting lifelong friendships.

Look forward to hearing from everyone and seeing you at the 2nd Annual ThumperTalk Hillbilly Trail Ride at the Hatfield~McCoy Trail System, July 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st.

I thought I would include a snap shot from last years ride.


Here's a link in case the image doesn't work.


YEEHAWW!!! :applause:

myxr, Rusty2 and team_burk

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OK Guys, Bill has spoken. It's roundup time!

I have 2 extra rooms at the Logan Best Western Inn if someone wants to claim one or both. PM me and I can provide the details.

Our group voted me out and we're staying here: www.countryroadsgitaway.com

Please refer to the "sticky" at the top of this page for detailed information on this 2nd annual ride. We're looking forward to seeing our friends from last year and making this years' turnout even bigger/better!

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Hey myxr,

If you start hearing duelling banjos in the night out there in the sticks, you and Dan grab your gear and shag it down to the Best Western, ya hear?....I'll make room for you guys somewhere. What's wrong with you anyways? We still haven't found time to hook up at the Wayne this summer yet, and now Bill and I don't even get to aggravate you and Dan back at the motel this year???!!!.....man!!! :applause:

You two owe me a Wayne ride now big time.


1) So far I'm going to have a party of 3.....myself, my KTM, and my XR400.

2) I'll be staying right down the hall from you.


3) I'm bringing you a dozen "wanged eggs" to the cookout.

I can't wait!


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