D-Flex Handguards

I've got tusk d-flex handguards. I mounted them stiff so they would not move in a crash. In my first race sunday I broke a handguard mount. I emailed rockymountainmc and they immediately responded telling me they sent me out new mounts for free. I'm wondering if this time around I should mount them tight enough so that they won't move but will in the event of a good fall. I know dwight says to do this with the levers, I was wondering it it should be the same with the guards. I'd rather have them stiff so they won't move in a crash, but not to the effect of breaking more mounts.

I've got mine a tad bit loose so they move, I've hit numerous trees with them and oooooh am I glad I have em, I'm happy with the d-flex I think they are a great product and inexpensive makes the wife less mad :applause:

Leave them stiff. Make sure you have the caps of the mount even (not pinched down more on one side than the other) to keep them from being over stressed and prone to cracking. It is also possible you just had a defective part, I've beaten my D-flex's pretty good and the havent been a problem.

Alright, I think I'll keep them stiff. I think its awesome they went ahead and sent out new clamps for free no questions asked, hopefully they will be here soon.

Sounds like you either had a defective piece or cheap handguards. I've got my bark busters bolted on as tight as my arms can make them, and nothing has come close to being broken in a series of fairly ugly crashes.

Keep em tight. That's why they are there. I have had extremely good luck with the Tusk handguards. Much better than the acerbis ones I used to use. Those you couldn't get tight. Or at least they wouldn't STAY tight.

Thank you for the replies. I'm keeping them tight. Got to love the service from rockymountainmc aswell. No questions asked, sent in the mail the day they read my email.

It must happen a lot. I just busted mine two days ago at Kennedy Meadows and that was the second time. I ordered a $20 kit which gave me everything but the plastics and installed only what I needed which was the mount on the right side. This time I broke the the left side so I have a replacement. Next time I won't be so lucky. I might just order a set of the Cyrca handguards so I don't have to worry about it. There must be a reason all the pro's use them.

Cycras mounted to the triple clamps will solve all your problems. A bit more expensive, but they're almost bulletproof.


Lots of us have had these handguards break!

I have an '05 WRF250F and ordered a pair of D-Flex Handguards for myself and my son's '04 TTR250L a month ago. I installed the handguards on both bikes but was dissapointed because they did not line up properly with the handlebars on either bike. On each bike I had to put a great deal of pressure on the main handguard bar to be able to attach the end to the inboard piece that is clamped to the handlebar. They did not seeem to be specific for either bike and I was dissapointed. One of mine broke after one week. RockyMountainMX is sending me a replacement part but I wish I'd ordered something that was properly designed for my handlebars.

I previously had a 2000 DRZ400S which had Acerbis Handguards installed and they were good.

They arent marked as being bike specific, if they dont fit, you clamp them in a vice and bend them till they do. I think I'll be buying some Maire gaurds for my next bike(05 CRF230 :applause: ), my dad has had good luck with his and they're cheaper.

I have the Cycras and the D-Flex. Both of them needed adjustments. I don't think you can just bolt on any pair/any brand because of the different handlebar positions/bends.

I bought the D-Flex's because they're cheap. The handlebar mounts are fairly brittle and broke on impact.

I bought the Cycra Pro-bends w/ tripled clamp mounts as a replacement. The aluminum (aluminium) that they use is tough. When mounted properly, my levers (especially the clutch) hit the bar when pulled in. They are a pita to bend too.

So, I kept the Cycra triple clamps and am using the D-Flex bars. I find that the D-Flex bars are easier to adjust for a better mount and handlebar position. I can't live without the triple clamp mounts. Not only do that prevent the D-Flex bars from spinning, they also provide better handlebar protection against bending and spinning.

Of course with this combination, I haven't been crashing (hard ones) lately, so I can't give any feedback on how they are holding up. But at least my handlebars stay in position on the light crashes.

I like the DFlex mounts for fatbars. The ones for standard 7/8" bars are not nearly as strong IMO. Since I'm using ProTapers exclusively, it hasn't been a problem for me. They are holding up a thousand times better than the acerbis rally pro noodles I had on there before.

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