Torque wrench

Home Depot has a nice clicker type wrench for the home mech.,,,snapon is the best but the best comes with a price,,,$200 for the best,,,$59 for the one that you will use 15 times a year,,,works great, comes in a nice plastic case,,,the wives will love it,,,good luck,,, Rick

i got my 3/8" torque wrench from auto zone for $19.99. measures in in. pounds so you have to convert but the marks on the wrench make it no sweat. my best $20 spent, i think?

watch out for all torque wrenches!

every year the TR's at our garage went back to snap on to be recalibrated. every year they were way out.

the mechanics (my father) KNEW the figures were wrong & so it proved.

now i'm out of the car trade i still use mine & my belated fathers.

i'm convinced they are miles out.

every time the snap on truck goes by i want to stop him.


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