How much does the AIS kit help performance??

First let me say im a new member this site is great.I have a 05" WR450.MY MODS are snorkel from air box,throttle stop,gray wire & "DR D" race pipe With spark arrestor,scary fast power plus system,zip ty fuel adjuster.Im wondering that my bike is probably lean at this point& it backfires when I roll out of the throttle at HI rpm.Will this AIS mod help this problem??MY stock jets are#45pilot¥main.Ive purchased a #50pilot¨main.My elevation here in New Mexico is 4200ft,Temp is 90degrees plus.I appreciate any tips&advice.. Thanks Russ.....Team PTR!!!!

Get rid of the AIS and up your pilot to 48 and buy a JD jetting kit and an adjustable fuel screw and remove the plug and screw that is stock. :applause:

Hey Bud thanks for the info..I hate to be a newbie but what is this JD jet kit& where can I get it?thanks for the help..How about a little info on the 490 kit?I love it fastt&reliable..

You can buy the JD jetting kit from the TT store on this web site. If you want to save money buy an 04 WR needle (adjustable with 7 positions) and a 170/168/162 main jets for further tuning. 48 pilot jet, 40 leak jet and a 72 starter jet are also good to have.

Look at the pinned post at the top on this WR forum for everyones jetting recommendations and what works for them. :applause:

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