Trailtech speedometer or gps?

I have searched through several threads, but have not been convinced yet to purchase a trailtech speedometer. I have a gps system already mounted and hardwired to my Trick Dual Sport kit on my 98 wr 400. I have removed the stock odometer set up and am considering putting a trailtech system on. I have noticed that some dual sporters in this forum have both a gps and a trailtech speedometer. My question is simple. Since I have a gps already, do I need a trailtech speedometer? What can it give me that the gps cannot? Thanks for any replies.

What can it give me that the gps cannot?

Not much...

I've been using a gps for several years and decided against the Trailtech.

I have a trailtech, love it..........but if you already have the GPS mounted up, then your already ahead of the trailtech. the GPS has everything the trail tech has AND more. except for the service timer, just a stop watch that counts down to a preselected time for oil changes and such.

I have both because sometimes I take the GPS unit off when I am riding on regular trails that I know inside out. I would wait for the new trail tech that will have an rpm meter to show engine revs and a bunch more neat features.

Some of the forests I ride in it is tough for the GPS to always pick up your signal and then the trip distance is actually extrapolated to read less than actually ridden. :applause:

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