need triple clamp or bars.. to get more room..

If anyone is selling, let me know..


in the next few days i will have my scotts short offset TC's arrive with damper.

my top clamp is already for sale. it can't take the original headlamp as the TC bolts enter from the front.

they are billet alumin(i)um.

i've got them on north eastern enduro club's web for £50 ($70). they have protaper mounts & are set so that the screwdriver can go directly down onto the damper screws. they are about 40mm forward. the 5mm mount spacers go under these & are $10.


Oberg has a new clamp that has multiple adjustments for the bars. The top facing of the top clamp has several notches that the bar clamps sit inside of. You simply move the bar clamps forward until you find the notch that best suits you. From the photos that I've seen, this looks like the best idea to me. I think they have a web site. try a search.

I've got a spare set of Applied rubber mount clamps and Pro-Tapers.

Thumper Racing has a bar mount system that raises the bars 1" or 2" and moves them forward about an inch. The cost is $80 and you can order them from Thumper Racing at 800/259-5186.

I have a scotts Tclamp, 1 1/8 barclamp and oil filler spout bolt-on damper tower from my 99 YZ400 for sale. Would fit any WR, all you would need is the scotts damper. All for $135. That is 1/2 of retail. But it is stock 98-99 YZ bar positioning.

You could use this setup to get way forward, but you would not be able to use a scotts damper then. You would need to drill the front perch hole in the Tclamp, only the rear is drilled on mine. Scotts used to sell them with a front and rear hole, but stopped that to give the clamp more strength for the supercross types (alot of other clamps still have two holes for front and rear bar positioning). Email me at if interested.

does anyone know if you can get an extended engine compression release cable from any shop?


I am willing to sell my Scotts top clamp with protaper mounts and Dampner mount clamp. If yu want the CR HI handlebars as well they are not bent just have a couple scratches from tie downs. This top clamp and bar mounts moves the handlebars forward I believe 10-12 mm from stock.

Top Clamp, Protaper Mounts, Bar Clamp = $100

CR HIgh Protaper silver bars = $50


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