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Wobbly weavy Supermoto

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I have an '05 KTM 625 SMC Supermoto. When accelerating, the front end is awfully wobbly, not tank-slapper bad, more like a side-to-side oscillation. This also happens most times when I go over about 70mph. If I ease up on the bars and just barely lay my hands on them then it is better, the tighter I grip the more it weaves. This bothers me the most when I'm already travelling at say 45 mph and speed up to pass someone, its kinda hairy going around someone with the front end wobbling back and forth.

I am fairly light, 155 without gear. The suspension settings are still at factory, which probably means the settings are a compromise between dirt and street. I want street-only settings so I'm sure I need to stiffen things up a bit, maybe drop the front just a tad.

Any thoughts on where to start? Preload, fork height, compression, seating position??


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