Clutch cable replacement

just bought a 99 YZ 400. Clutch cable "quick" adjust on the handle bar was all the way out and I had like an 1" of play on my lever. I tried adjusting down at the other end, "clutch post" I think it's called, and all I did was jack with the engage/disengage timing in relation to clutch lever position. It did nothing to shorten the cable. Clutch seems to work great but too much play in lever for me. I figured bike is 6 years old, cable looks like it is s t r e t c h e d out so I bought a new one. Cheap insurance I guess. Anyways, The manual I got with the bike is a "genuine" yamaha shop manual. It does not give any specific instructions for replacing the cable. Is there any issues or "special" techniques that I need to be aware of before I just replace old with new? Any help would be appreciated.

He who rides last in line is still riding............Yeeee Haaaaaa

I was wondering why I did not get any responses to my question. We'll I just spent a whopping 4 minutes changing out the clutch cable. 3 minutes of that was getting my T handle and chair out. Most simple task I think I have ever done. Sorry for wasting space. I'll make sure I try before I ask next time. Guess thats why the TT Newbie is under me name eh..........

haha, did the same thing today, was easyer than I expected. And as you said the T handle is the most time consuming :applause:

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