WR250 power vs DR350 power

Hello All,

I currently ride a 1996 Suzuki DR350S, with the pumper carb from the dirt only model, and have done the airbox mod. The power is enough to go anywhere I have wanted, the only problem is popping the front off the ground to go over logs, etc, takes a little work. More power would be nice, but mostly less weight would be nice (the DR weighs 300 lbs). The DR works well in woods riding, but it tires me out because of the weight.

My question is this: How does the power of the WR250 compare to the DR350? Most specs I can find put the WR's top end significantly higher than the DR's, but I really like the low-end grunt of the DR. Has anybody here ridden both? If so, please share a comparison. Is the lighter weight of the WR significant enough that the smaller displacement doesn't really matter?

I have ridden a WR450, and I really like how much lighter it is than my DR, but I don't really need that much power, especially if I can save another 20lbs of bike weight by going to the 250.

My riding style: I ride DS only to get to the dirt, then I ride offroad, mostly in open western conditions, with some tight woodsy mountainous single track. I am 6'1", and 155 lbs. DS'ing a WR would be easy where I live.

Well, I just came off a DR350 to a '05 WR250F last month....well I still have the DR also...

The DR has bunch more low end to mid than the WR, but after that the WR takes off and doesn't look back.

Off the line the DR is faster and it hooks up better, it seems I spin way more with the WR. Even though the DR is heavy, it gets great traction. I pass many "F" guys on hills during races when it is muddy as it seems they spin out to fast. I will need to learn how to ride the WR in this instance.

Chassis wise and suspension the WR is way better when the going gets fast, for trail rides the DR is fine, I added a RM front end to the DR and had the rear shock redone and it was so much better than stock.

I also have a DR350S that I ride DS and it does fine at it's job, I just don't push it.

You're going to give up a bit of bottom end no doubt. But I don't have any trouble lofting the front end of my WR at any speed in the first three gears with a flick of the wrist. It takes a little more effort in 4th and 5th gear. My advice is to ride one that belongs to a buddy to see if the torque sacrifice is worth it.

I used to ride an XR350. It had more torque than my WR, but I won't ever be going back. The torque loss isn't great enough to offset the immense fun factor of the WR. Bottom line is the WR does have some torque (lots more than a two stroke) to work with. Just somewhat less than you've got now.

get a big bore kit for your DR from thumper-racing.com

That won't skin 60 lbs off of the bike.

Thanks for the info. Kinda what I was expecting, with losing some on bottom.

I have thought about a big bore kit for my DR, but it wouldn't cure the weight problem. There is no way to lose 70 lbs off the DR to get down to WR250f weight, or even 50 lbs to get down to WR450f weight. In the tight and twisties, I get tired too easily and make mistakes.

The other thought I had is going ahead and going with the 450. Loads more power, and it still feels like a lightweight compared to my DR. I like the power, but don't really need it...but I like it...but I don't need it...

Yeah, I really need to find somebody who will let me try their 250.

How about a big-bore kit for the wr? Just a 262 with +1.2 compression gives a nice torque increase with no loss of reliability.

You'll never have that smooth, heavy flywheel feel of a DR though, the bike will be much quicker reving and spin out easier. Still way better than a 2-smoke.

That's another thing I thought about, but I didn't know how much the big bore kits affected the bottom end.

Are there heavier flywheels for the 250? Seems like a heavier flywheel plus big bore kit on the 250 would be a good combo.

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