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Calling all XT/TT dual carb experts out there

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My XT550 runs great, and most of the time starts on the first or second kick with the choke on, except on some mornings when the bike acts cold-blooded, takes 6-8 kicks to start, and doesn't want to idle smoothly for a minute or so. It prefers to have the choke on when starting, even when warm, although if it's really warmed up, no choke required. Also, when the bike is warmed up, the idle speed is considerably higher than it is cold. Cold, it idles right at 1200 RPM where it should, but warm it idles at around 2000 RPM. I'm guessing that maybe both problems(starting and idling) have to do with the idle mixture settings, but I thought they were set from the factory and were non-adjustable. The bike is getting about 50 mpg right now and I ride at an altitude of around 7000 ft, so I think that overall the jetting seems to be appropriate, but I could be wrong. Anyone have any tips/ideas/thoughts?

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