450 cam into 426=where to find one?

I have benn looking on ebay, where do you guys find them at? I know the stealer would want a crap load. Need a new subframe, they want 353.00. So I know they think that exhaust cam is made of gold. So where to find one guys. Thanks :applause:

are you after the intake, exhaust or both cams? cos i have a set from my '04 450 that are doing a pretty good job of impersonating paperweights at present cos i got the hotcams.

no just looking for the exhaust cam, looking to improve the starting routine. lol how much u want for the cam?

You could also get one from the ThumperTalk store. You have to get a ten dollar membership, but it's great for me as I don't have a dealer nearby.

AC Racing sells subframes for $175.

Buy MattyH's exhaust cam.....make him an offer ! :applause:

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