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beezer has exceeded their stored private messages quota and ...

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beezer has exceeded their stored private messages quota and can not accept further messages until they clear some space.

That being the case...

Here is my reply. Nothing really private just wanted to say howdy!

"Hey! It's nice to be missed!! 🙂:eek:

Been working so I have WAY less time to blow anymore.

Have two jobs. Only works out to about 20 to 25 hours a week so don't feel too bad for me. I'm working at Fator's Suzuki (Motorcycle dealership, "drool drool") and Accent Painting (Residential house painting co.)

Both are totally awesome jobs.

Needed to step it up as husband not even getting 40 hour a week anymore. Could someone please tell me the logic involved in a business who's main income is SELLING phone systems, but they didn't think it was a PRIORITY to actually HAVE sales people??????!!! :applause: What kinda dumb people work there??!!

Anyway, looking like I'm going to HAVE to end up getting a 2-smoke because of the weight issue. Hoping to be getting a new bike (or new to me) by fall.

Also, going to one of the Lakes when we can. It's like 105 or so today. Not exactly riding weather but AWESOME water skiing weather. (You'd never know I have FMS from the way I talk would ya?) WE NEED A BOAT!!

That's what's going on with me. Gotta go finish beer and make dinner. Hope y'all are doing ok!"

SO, HOWDY y'all!! Hope you are all enjoying your summer more or less.

I get to see the 2006 bikes before you guys!! 😛 Just kidding. Probably not. But at least I can hear bikes all day long! (only two days a week.)

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