going back to stock hight

I bought my 650L and it was lowerd 2" I think I want to try it at stock. The rear is easy I just change the pro link out.

But on the front( is the tube flush with the upper triple tree at he top or a little above. And if above how much) can any one give me an idea of how flush or above the upper tube is?

My tube is flush with the top of the triple clamp the nut that screws into the fork tube is above it. So the width of the fork cap.

mine came stock with the cap flush at the triple tree ... I slid mine up 10mm when I installed my Kouba-Link ... haven't tried it yet, (was suggested to me as a good starting point)

Do you want to sell that lowering link??

That gives me a good idea of where I need to be. Thx everyone :applause:

Mxrider I may sell the link, I have to see how the stock hight works for me. Ill let ya know.

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