Trip Computer for WR?

I've been looking at a few of these things for the WR, can really only find ones that go on your pushbike. I don't want one with wires and **** . A wireless setup would be the go. What experience have others had with this sort of thing? Would be good being able to tell your average speed, distance, top speed, time etc...

Thanking U!

The Panoram is awesome, but not by itself. Without the kit from Trailtech, you have just another bicycle computer.

The kit has a wicked cable & the sensor mounting is as good as it gets. (and Trailtech is great with questions, problems, etc).

Do a search on Panoram or Trailtech, and you'll see that everyone who has one is happy with the unit!!

Ditto what cueball said. :)

Second that ditto-

I've tried bicycle computers before and they were always junk! I was a skeptic at first too, figuring an ICO was the only option.

The trailtech speedo/computer is great, a very trick unit. The pickup cables are well made and it handles the abuse like nothing. The 4 displays give a bunch of info and it's easy to use. The pickup cables make the ICO pickup look like junk!

I just bought a second one for my other bike. :)


ahh i knew I could count on you guys...

thanks again.

The Yam in Oz.

Ditto the other dittos.... I have the trailtech setup along with 2 other ridding buddies on WR400 and YZ426 and we all are very happy with it.

Mark in KY

Very easy to set-up and great service. Can't wait to get rid of some of this snow. You will be happy.

What wheel size number has been found to be the best, I keep coming up with 2159 to 2165

And how accurate are they ??

Thanks Coop39

I am running a Dunlop 756 80/100 front tire and have been busy calibrating the Panoram. Originally I entered 2160 for the wheel size, but this was off. Now I'm using 2089 and it's dead-nuts on.

Does the higher number read slower or faster?? I will try your setting,,as I am running a 756 frt tire.

Thanks Coop39

The larger the wheel size number the slower your speed reading.

The reason I know this number works is because the last time I went riding with some friends that ride XR's & other bikes with factory odometers, when my Panoram hit 50 miles, I stopped and asked what everyone's odo read. Everyone was within a tenth of a mile. Try it for yourself, it's a good way to check.

Hope this helps!

I peronally used a Sigma BC 800 which can be had for about $25. I did have to extend the wires but that is a simple job with a soldering gun. The Sigma is good to 180 miles an hour. No good for the high bank at Daytona but what the hay, no WR's entered this weekend.

Epoxy a magnet on your hub and voila, you are in bitness!


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