Dyno jet installed today,need alittle help.

I just installed a Dynojet kit on my 650L. Big inprovement but when I do a roll on during full throttle in 2nd and 4th gear I'm getting a bit of sputtering? I pretty much followed the instructions that came with the kit. DJ165 main jet,spring and needle. The L has a UNI Filter,WB slip on, un-corked, smog removed. Looking for any tips or advice would be great. Thanks. :applause:

Remove the air filter take it for a quick run (on the road) if it runs better your jetting is too rich, if it is worse your lean. Then you can try adj. the needle if that don't dial it in change the main jet. That works for me. I can remove my side cover and it runs a little better but I like it a hair rich it runs cooler and no stumble off idle.

When I got my dj kit it didnt come with a pilot jet.I rode it that way for a while,then picked up a 55 from the dealer and the stumble got way better. Make sure you havent over oiled your air filter.

You need a 58 pilot, shim the needle, drill the slide.

And tell dynojet you want your money back!


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