kibblewhite valves

G'day guys, has anyone ever installed kibblewhite black diamond valves in a wr 400??? or does anyone know the length of a stock 400 valve?

how important is the length? i want to put 450 black diamond valves in my 400 and need to know if they will fit

any help would be much appreciated, i havnt been able to find any info on valve length even in the manuals

cheers - Brett

the heads are the same casting and i think the lift is also the same at 8.8mm, still the best bet would be to ask kibblewhite about it as they would have the information on hand. i have a kibblewhite black diamond kit in my '04 450 and i cant fault it, but i'd suggest that you have it professionally installed so as the valve seats are cut properly to match the new valves.

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