1976 IT 400 runs rough

I have a Bud that just got this bike, it has been sitting for a few years. He drained the gas, mixed some 91 octane with 2 smoker oil, changed the Spark Plug. It seem to start OK but after a few minutes it revs up high and then starts to stall. Any ideas??

Clean the carb.....check for air leaks.

It definitely sounds like a fuel problem. It is likely that the float bowl is emptying and not refilling with fuel, probably from a stuck float.

The symptoms you described sound like the float bowl was full of fuel when you started the bike and when the bowl was nearly empty the revs would have increased (from a lean mixture) and then the bike would have stalled (from no fuel).

Pull the carbi apart and give it a good clean and you should be fine.

Check for air leaks. The carb rubber insulator (intake manifold) is highly suspect, probably full of cracks by now!

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