The Yamaha WR400F.

Hi I have a few questions about the wr400,I have rode a yz400 and I really liked it but have no experience with the wr. First of all I just bought a CR250 last month thinking I would like a 2 stroke,nope I had an XR250 before the CR and now I want to go back to 4 stroke,so Im conssidering the WR400. I have a couple questions though,What are the 99 and 98 WR400s going for price wise and are there any differences in the 99 and 98? Also I need a good reliable bike,I heard these have steel valves is this correct? And also can these bikes hold a steady speed of about 65 mph? I really like the handling of my CR and I know that the WR is much heavier but how does it do on smaller jumps? Im sorry about all the questions but I appreciate any input and thanks in advance! :applause:

I can address the price question.

I just bought a '99 WR400 for $2000 (in great condition), with only 1115 miles on it, BUT, I got a very good deal from a friend who is going through a divorce.

A friend in San Diego just sold his for $2650 ('99 WR400), and his was sent through the wringer. He rides hard, and it had at many more miles/hours on the motor.

So, I would expect you pay between $2500-$3000. Try to get some gear/tools thrown in, that';s where you'll save some aditional money. I got a bike stand, helmet, gloves, fork seal tool, etc... none of which i had, so it saved me hundreds and time spent shopping.

Also, I believe this bike is extremely reliable (as per my SD friend's experience). He rode it to work on the 805 freeway, and took the canyons on the way home. He said it's not the most stable freeway bike, but then again he was running full knobby's.

Have fun.

WOW! The 805 is a death wish in a car, and he rides with knobs??? Dodging cars where the 5 and the 805 merge goes from 46 lanes to 4 has got to be a rush!

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