valves, timing, and flywheel weights???

ok guys here's the deal.. last ride out I squashed my right side rad on a rock.. :eek: sent it to it should be back in no time.. no big deal.. so I thouht to myself I will go ahead and check the valves while everything is apart. now I have always gone to the dealership to have my valves checked but I decided to try it myself this time.. went to and got some really good directions.. after pulling everything apart I started turning the motor to find TDC.. after about 20 revalutions and 10 swearwords I realized I don't see any H or I.. :applause: well I figured it out, I have a flywheel weight set.DSCF0440.JPG upon closer inspection I finally found the dot. (timing mark)DSCF0442.JPG ok checked all valves and I have one tight exhaust valve. here is my question, I can force the feeler guage (.008-.010) in with some resistance, and the next size down (.007-.009) slides in perfectly lilke all of the others that are in spec. Is this to tight? or is it close enough to run it? next, I'm not sure if I have yz or wr timing..wich is it? DSCF0437.JPG wich timing would be better with the flywheel weights? and finally if I change my timing would I have to reshim all of the valves, or would it just be the same?

thanks in advance you guys rock.. :)

the change in timing shouldnt affect the clearance on your valves as you are measuring the clearance from the base circle of the cam and that clearance should remain the same no matter how far you advance or retard your cams.

You currently have WR timing. While you're in there, I would switch to YZ (12 pins b/w 12:00 timing marks). You can take it for a spin, see what you think. If you don't like it, change it back. My guess is that you'll like it. :applause:

thanks guys.. I actually figured it out the night I posted.. you can just about find anything with the search feature....

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