YZF 426 vs WR426

So, I upgraded to a 01 YZF 426 from a TTR 250 and no I'm having second thoughts that I should have picked up a WR426 or 450 instead. I'm not a MXer but a big trail rider and the YZF just doesnt seem to be exactly what I was expecting from it. Anyone have any input on the differences between the two. I know the YZF is a MXer, but what would be the benefits of a WR? :applause:

I had an 00 YZF426 and have an 02 WR426. There is quite a difference in engine feel, seating, and suspension. I had a 52 rear sprocket on the YZ, the stock is 49. This really made the YZ pull low. The WR (wide ratio) box is TOTALLY different. The YZ ratios are very close together, where the WR is far apart. The WR would actually go faster than the YZ, but the YZ would accelerate to its' top speed quicker. The WR 1st gear is what I call "Tractor". Very low compared to the YZ. The YZ seating position is way better, you can get over the front end farther easier. Compared to the YZ, you can lug the WR waaaayyyyy down low without stalling.

So....Kinda depends on what you want the "feel" to be like. I can tell you this though....both are absolutely bulletproof. I owned the YZ for 3 years and it never needed a valve adjustment. My WR I have had for 2 years and it has also not ever needed a valve adjustment!

Good luck, they both are very dependable bikes.

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