Any SE Idaho Boys going to the Dunes Friday?

There will be a couple of us there at saint this Friday, if anybody is there stop and say HI, Blue 426, RMZ 450, Ktm 250, four seater sand rail red, later hope to see ya there.

I am from Boise but hope to make it out there before the summer is over. Have fun. :applause:

I was thinking about heading out Sat. afternoon. I'll be busy at Gandolfo's in Rexburg until about two (hot dog eating contest at one), but I was going to head out after that if my buddies can make it then. Will you guys be out there sat. as well?

I'm in IF and just moved here about 8 months ago. I am cursed with a curse b/c I have yet to make it out there. Next weekend my buddies and I are lookin to head out. I am originally from Boise and I cannot wait to get out there. Just bought a paddle tire and am gearing up. Any advice for a first time dune rider?

Man the riding was great, advice know where you are and what is on the other side of the hill you are climbing. You cant tell someone what is like, they have to see it and feel it. 200 foot hills then death if your going to fast over the top. It's great. Pm me your number ill call you, we will be going out next weekend also. :applause:

Hi guys. I am stationed at Mtn. Home, and have heard talk of these sand dunes. Where is this place at?

If you know where rexburg is then thats all u need to know. Just North of Idaho Falls. I go by Mountian home all the time, I work for the rail road.

i need to move to idaho... anyone got a job opening?? I hear these dunes are much better than glamis... but then again i do love my glamis..

wait and go in the late fall, cooler weather, better sand, more fun.

Heck no go any :applause: time you can get the time to go.

The dunes in Saint rock. In the northern section there are smaller dunes if that is your fancy. In the southern section there are monster dunes that are way fun to climb. My 426 eats those hills up like they are nothing. I feel sorry for my buddies who have been riding way longer than I have but can even coax their 250 2-strokes up them.

Mid-day might be tough on the bike and even newer bikes can over heat with 100 degree temps and the way your tire spins in that stuff any engine can get messed up if you crank it too hard. Early or later in the day would be better so you could ride harder for longer without having to go easy on the engine.

I was just up there a couple weekends ago with my 450. I took some pics, I will try and post some of the dunes. Loads of fun, but watch your A$$ peaking over the dunes they can drop really fast. Later :applause:

I've heard about how much those paddle tires help you hook up out there. I got on e when I bought my bike. Is it worth it to throw that bad boy on there, or am I fine with a regual tire?

Oh ya Beau_Gt, I'll pm ya my cell, and call me when you guys head up. I'd love to tag along.

Oh ya Beau_Gt, I'll pm ya my cell, and call me when you guys head up. I'd love to tag along. :applause:

yes you will need a paddle tire, if not u will be :applause: watching from the bottom. Give me your number and your name ill for sure call ya. The more people the more fun it is.

Where you guys from? I live in I.F. and like to ride the dunes and haven't really found anyone to ride with...

There are two of us from Pocatello, and my brother in law in I.F. we are always looking for more people. We go most weekends, give me your name and number and I'll call ya. Pm that is. :applause:

We are heading up there tonight. Blue four door PowerStroke pulling an ATV trailer. (3??) 05 yzf 450's. We ride a lot of back trails as well as the BIG hills. You can hang with us if you want. Check this out. The St. Anthony Dunes Rock!!


BeauGT are you going Sat or Sun and what time?

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