Ebay Bolt Kit

Looking for Opinions on the E-bay Bolt kit... Im getting my bike back around the end of the month and i want to take it all apart for a good deep cleaning and replacing some parts... Are these bolts ok to use.. .has anyone had any good/bad comments about them???

hey ISBB I still have that 19" wheel if you are interested in trading.. you can pm me if you would like...

I will have my bike back the weekend of the 24th this month.. WOO HOOO... :applause: ill shoot ya a pm when i get it home.. :eek:

Anyone on the e-bay thing????

I got one of those kits and I think they are ok

Yeah, I got one too, I think I'd rather just order a handful of OEM bolts next time. The bolts are OK, but not exaclty like OEM. Also, a large number of the parts are washers.


Does anyone know where to get a OEM boltkit??

Good question. I was wondering about that E-Bay bolt kit as well. Wouldn't want to replace a bunch of bolts with cheap crap that will cause major headaches down the road.


I don't think they are cheap, but the size of the head and finish are not quit the same and don't match OEM. I don't know if OEM makes a kit, I would just order a bunch of the common bolts. It would still be cheaper, and you will get what you want, not what somebody thinks you may want (or what they want to stuff in the box).

For instance, the phillips screws included in my Techbolt kit are very small head. Otherwise they are the same as the tank shroud bolts, only the head is tiny and needs a washer.


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