What do you guys prefer?

I was looking at X-Rings by these manufacturers and they seem all pretty close in price cept DID they are the HIGHER priced at 70 bucks where as RK or primary drive is about 50... I want a X-ring and i know DID is pre-stretched so you dont have to worry about that but what about the others... will they stretch.. i basically want to throw it on and not have to worry about it.

RK vs DID vs Renthal vs Primary Drive

was leaning towards the RK or Primary Drive...

I'd get the colored or gold ones, I think they don't corrode or rust nearly as fast. I've got a top of the line EK and that puppy just wants to rust quicker than I can oil it for some reason. Before I had a gold DID that didn't rust at all. I don't think any of the X or O ring chains are going to stretch very much at all.

I have had a DID Xring for just about a year. Great chain, no real stretch and it does not seem to rust much either. Would certainly buy ti again.

EK SRX is a good x-ring chain. It has a higher tensile rating then RK and DID and costs less.

try DID ATV chain, a little dearer but its strong as(rated to 180hp or soething rediculous like that, and it has rivet links too which is good) and its x ring too so theres less o-ring drag and it seals more effectively

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