01 WR426 Compression Release Not Working?

Right now I have my bike tore down. I just put the top end back on the engine and I'm wondering if I slowly kick it if it should lock up where I need to use the compression release as it did before I disassembled everything? I tried kicking it over (slowly) but the kick starter didn't lock up.

There currently isn't any oil in it yet, the valve cover is on, the spark plug is in, the carb is not on though.

I don't know if there's something I can check before I totally assemble this and put all the fluids back in to realize there's something I forgot to check because the kick starter isn't locking up for me to use the compression release lever or is this normal with the carb off and no fluids in it?


check cam timing and decomp adjustment. My 426 did the same to me once after reassembling it. These bikes have very light valve springs, and if a bit of carbon finds it way onto the valve seat the valve wont seal and you will have no compression. have a friend Kick it through slowly. Put your ear near the exhaust and inlet ports. You will hear the air escaping.

Cam timing is right on.

When i pulled the top end of the engine off could i have messed up something with the decomp adjustment inside?

So will i be able to see the carbon?

Try adjusting the decomp cable so it is tighter. Same thing happened to me and it was just the cable.

if you are 100% sure that the timing is right and you have clearance on all valves, start her up. You'll probably find it'll 'fix itself' as mine did on 2 occasions.

I'll give 'er another shot. Thanks for the input all!

Thanks again to everyone that helped with the input! I found out this weekend that there is a tiny shim under the lifter cap that had moved and wasn't resessed. Because of this when i bolted down the cam cap it pushed down on the lifter and didn't give me the "compression lock" as it usually did.

It works now. :eek: I had no damn idea that was even there. I suck, but at least i get to go riding this weekend!!! :applause:

sweet.. :applause: post back a ride report.. :eek:

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