need mods BAD!!!!!!

i'm from australia and have a wr 426f 01 model my freind just bought a ktm 450 and had me a while during a drag race i need to put him in his place and show him whos boss, i need mods. where to start is what i need to know, if mods arent enough i'm leaning towards the husky 510. :applause:

Search for Free Mods.

You need to do the following free mods at a bare minimum.

BK Mod (limits pump duration squirt)

Remove the exhaust insert and use a PMB or equivalent or better yet, get a new silencer

Remove the airbox lid

Advance the cam timing to YZ

Pull the grey wire

Make sure the throttle stop is cut similar to a YZ

With these mods, you should be able to hang right with a KTM 450.

Go here

I'm assuming he won't be able to modify the exhaust or replace the insert because he probably has the Australian bike which is equipped with the welded pipe like the Canadian WR models are.

Throw this pipe away and replace it with a stock YZ pipe, a FMF Power core 4 with a Q modular insert or a FMF Q. Either way, your bike will loose 3 pounds and give you at least 2 additionial HP all across the powerband.

I'm not sure you need to do the throttle stop.... canadian bikes don't need to have their throttle stop modified. Same with the grey wire. Just chek before trying to do these two mods.

Don't worry about your 426, you'll catch that pumpin soon. :applause:

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