White Brothers E2 Exhaust?

Beezer is rolling with one. He'll chime in.

Yeah, my best friend and TT member BigDavey has one. It is pretty nice. He ended up buying a GYT-R spark arrestor so he could run it opened up and still be legal. The E2 spark arrestor is very very restrictive, but also very quiet. To run the E2 opened up, you cant use the E2 spark arrestor. :eek: He will run the E2 set up(quiet w/spark arrestor) in the mountians and during hunting season, but likes to run the open setup(GYT-R spark arrestor) in some of our OHV areas and private lands we ride. Overall it is a nice setup :applause: , but be prepared to spend a little more on a open type arrestor. Hope this helps.

i have one, it took a lot of top end away. but low and mid work well for trails.

thanks all

I have an E2 on my YZ250F, a very well made muffler but it did take away some bottom end but it's a very quiet pipe and the best part it meets the California 96db sound requirement. I had a White Brothers R4 pipe, it was way too loud, even with the quiet core insert. I recommend getting the E2, just my $.02

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