450 Acc pump cover on a 426 carb?

OK, I don't have a leak jet on my 426: normal.

Can I install one? From what I understand, the leak jet is located in the AP bowl or cover so I suppose that if I buy a WR450 one I could install it on my 426 and work with it right?

What do you guys think? :applause:

C'mon, anybody has an idea ? :applause:

The YFZ450 (ATV) also has a leak jet. I changed mine from a #50 to a #35 (smallest available) and really didn't see any performance improvement.

OK, I don't have a leak jet on my 426: normal.

Can I install one?

Pretty sure the leak jet is integral to the float bowl, so you would have to swap that out, not the AP cover.

This is a good question.

I can't see why a WR450 carb bowl would not bolt directly up to your bike, but I'm not sure if you can buy this part.


Hick is correct, the leak jet is an integral part of the float bowl. This is the part you would have to replace along with a leak jet itself. Both parts are available from Sudco (Allens R&D Performance in the UK).

IMHO you're better off doing the BK mod and jetting accordingly instead.... it's just as effective and a lot less hassle to set up and fine tune once modified.


Thanks for the info guys. I thought the leak jet was located somewhere in the acc pump cover. :applause:

A new float bowl is probably expensive as a friggin diamond... forget it.

I'll make the trip to the state of NY in about two weeks and I'll get the parts I need to rejet like a YZ and will start from there. Then I'll see if I do the BK.


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