Chain & Sprocket Kits???

I've recently been told that my rear sprocket and chain are starting to go. I've been weighing my options and have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what setup to get. I've seen people sell kits that include the front/rear sprockets with a chain at pretty decent prices. 99% of my riding is woods riding which is why I got a WR400F in the first place. So I want a kit that will fit my riding needs. Does anyone have any recommendations. I've been told that PBI makes good sprockets. Beyond that I know nothing. Weight isn't my biggest concern in the parts so much as durability and toughness are.

I bought the Primary Drive steel kit from rockymountainmc, it's been on a few months and has yet to show any real wear. Plus the price is right :applause:

I was looking at the rockymountainmc website and I saw the kit. Man the price is right but would I be better off getting the alloy kit or the steel kit. Durability and toughness is the key so basically I'm asking wether or not steel is better than alloy when it comes to trail riding.

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