To Mod or not to Mod...?

Any suggestions on what mod. I should do next? Just looking for a little more horses, because I use the bike for Supermoto. In the dirt it was fine stock.

05 WR450F current mods:

YZ Throttle screw

Gray wire mod.

AIS removal

Zip-ty fuel screw

Yosh full exhaust /w header

Airbox opened up

Twin Air air filter

Jetting: 165 Main (#4 on clip), 48 Pilot (it maybe a little lean...I think)

You could always try the yz450 exhaust cam. May make better power in the higher rpm's.

I'd say you're pretty much golden with what you've done. Not sure what else you can do. What is your gearing for

Right now I am running the 14 in front and a 47 in the rear. I don't need a to go smaller in the rear that is for sure. Do you think a 48 or higher may make a difference?

Ya, I guess not much more I can do unless I starting putting cams in and that may not make much of a difference and I am not sure if I need to go there right now. I do need to open the airbox a bit more. I have the side cut outs cut out and the snorkle out, but I ran it without the side cover and it was very noticeable the increase in most all ranges.

I'd say you're set. Leave the cams alone and ride! :applause:

How do you like that Yoshi exhaust?

Like the Yosh exhaust thus far. Much lighter, much more power, easy to change to the strick 96 dec. w/ spark arrestor.

You might try the Pwr now plus sytem.Ive got it & love it..With this mod and JD jetting it was like adding the pwr again that you gained with your pipe!!more bottom&the midrange hits hard and pulls longer..a little $$$ but we all know thats what makes pwr..Russ

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