Assessing Tire Wear?

In WaGuy78's Maxxis front tire thread, there was a comment about tire wear. It led me to think about this a little, and rather than losing the subject in that thread, I figured I'd start a thread of its own:

the SI rear is just as awesome as far as traction goes BUT i'm not real happy with the wear so far. two rides(about 150 mi) and its 1/3 gone

ncmm - What kind of criteira are you using when you describe the tire as "1/3 gone?" Are you saying the knobs have lost 1/3 of their height, or that the edges are rounded off to some level? Do you use different criteria in assessing a front vs. a rear tire?

I'm curious to hear more from others about what you consider to be "ready to change 'em" levels of tire wear.

For me I considered a tire worn or shot when the middle knobs no longer bite well on hardpack or have almost become flattened from road riding. The Pirelli MT21's I've had on two bikes wore down in the middle really quick. Shot in under 800 miles. Now that may not be useless to some people, but for me a knobby moto tire is gone after 1/2 to 2/3 of it's tread is gone or mis-shaped. I'm looking for hookup in every terrain as well, lose sand/mud to hardpack.

As I've said in a few tire posts, the Michelin Baja is like iron. I've got over 1000 miles on it, with many road miles and the knobs are barely rounded off. It's unreal.

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