Million Dollar Idea

Someone should come out with a "Basics of owning a 4-Stroke Video". It should cover starting (obviously), Hot Starting (of course), and all of the maintenance that you have to do to keep these things humming. I'm a pretty good mechanic once someone shows me what to do, but you can't figure these things out by just turning a screw to see what it does like in the old days.

It's not your fathers Oldsmobile any more.

Let me know where to send my $29.95 when it's ready.

Yamaha had a great video with Doug Dubach on starting the 426, but since their web site got an overhaul, the link is gone. Maybe somebody downloaded it.

Send me the $30 and I'll send you a video of me starting mine.


Send me the $30 and I'll send you a video of me starting mine.

I don't care who you are, that's funny right there now...that's funny right there.

yea, and for only $19.95 I'll show you the absolute best way to check your tire pressure.

Actually, you have a good idea. How long should it be and what topics would you like to see covered?

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