HP4 in a YZ450

Please don't flame me,

I've done many search(s) and I can't see if anyone is using HP4 sae10w-40 SJ without Moly (the gold synt bottle) in there 450's.

I normally used maxima 20-50 (I ran out and can't get it local) but both Yamaha dealers (Yama, Honda, Suz). in town said use HP4 gold.

I've run HP4 in my street bike without any issues. :applause:

Thanks :eek:

If you are talking about Honda's HP4, they make two; one is a JASO MA oil and the other an MB oil. The MA is OK to use. Never use an MB. They are friction modified, and too slippery for wet clutches.

Gray bottle, they said NEVER use this. I assume that's your MB.

Gold bottle, this is the synt and what they recommended. I checked and it's MA like you said.:eek:

Black bottle, they said it was like the gold but not synt.

Thanks for the post, makes me feel better. :applause:

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