Those darn exaust questions

I want to be hurd on the street( loud pipes save lives), but dont want to get greef over being to loud off road. What is the right exhaust for me?? :applause:

The animal we are dealing with here is a 2002 XR650L. :eek:

just pass all the cars and leave them to each other. Now on the ignorant motorist side - when I'm in the suburban with the AC & stereo blasting I won't hear you no matter which pipe you run. Will you be able to hear anything around you like a fire engine? or a car horn? That "loud pipes save lives" line just doesn't wash. - so if you need a poser excuse - get loud :applause:

less sound = more ground

So, with that said maybe I should go with a FMF

Yoshimura titanium exhaust! i love mine. looks the best in my oppinion and sounds beautiful but a little on the loud side if u are going to ride near any houses or whatever. and dont just wimp out at the can, get the header! i looks so much better.

ps, i ride a 1998xr650l

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