F & M

How about some info on this F & M. I know its called foot and mouth, but what does it actually do? Is it true that humans can carry it without being infected? What is the government doing to prevent it? Anything else?



I know that I get 'Foot IN Mouth' disease pretty much every time I drink a few beer.

But I'm reasonably sure that my symptoms are not related to the current outbreak....

Is this for real?

Talk about OT…

FMD is a very infectious and easily transmitted virus that affects sheep, cattle, pigs and other livestock. It can reach epidemic proportions among livestock very quickly. I read that in the UK it spread to 70 farms before they could even put a quarantine in place (it’s been all over CNN). Cattle can carry the disease for long periods without displaying symptoms (which is a big problem) but I’m not sure about other livestock.

I’m not sure the virus will even infect people, if it does I don’t think it makes you sick. If you heard that humans can carry it that may have referred to carrying infected material on their person, vehicles, etc. As far as I know the disease presents no health threat to humans, even if you eat infected meat.

Symptoms in livestock include fever, drooling and blisters on, where else, feet and the tongue/mouth. It is not always fatal, but it might as well be. It is the economic effects that everybody is worried about, it sounds to me like English livestock farmers are screwed, all their product is basically worthless and cannot be exported or even transported due to fears that the disease will spread.

No cases of FMD have been confirmed in the US since before WWII, I think, certainly since before I was born (I just know it has been a LONG time).

All of North America is considered free of FMD, but until recently so was UK I believe. FMD is still a problem in South America. I’m not sure if beef can be imported at all from South America because of this. Don’t worry Nick, the Dept. of Ag. is ALL over this thing, I still hear old-timers talk about FMD like it was the dang apocalypse or something…

Did I just fall for some kind of weird flame bait?


Ohhh, THAT foot ‘n mouth disease. Yeah I get that too. :)

I had hoof (foot) and mouth disease last year. I was like, "&%$#@!??"

hey...I don't know much about this disease, but my first ex-wife ought to get it! the way I see it is, a parasite deserves a good disease.

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